The Legacy Of Kurt Cobain

17th Anniversary Of Kurt Cobain’s Death

I don’t feel that much needs said about Kurt Cobain, his drug use, struggles with mental illness and toxic marriage. I feel that it is important to remember how horrific the death of an active addict can be. I have issues with the idolization of celebrities who have died because of their disease. The worship of these individuals as “everlasting idols” has a propensity to give people a glorified delusion of what their lifestyle actually entailed. Despite these misgivings, I hope that the anniversary of the death of Kurt Cobain acts as a warning to those that do not seek treatment for addiction, along with those that do not seek professional help for mental illness.

Brief History

Seventeen years ago Kurt Cobain was found dead, from an apparent suicide. Scandals and speculation ran amuck in regards to the exact details of how Kurt died. His life, as the lead singer of Nirvana changed the music scene forever. The popularity of grunge rock became mainstream. The wave of grunge spread in popularity throughout the entire country. Cobain was no stranger to fighting personal demons.

Cobain’s Battle With Addiction And Mental Illness

Cobain struggled with addiction and a tumultuous relationship with his wife Courtney Love. The list of tough issues that he dealt with included heroin addiction; depression and he struggled with his seemingly overnight fame. His health conditions, including a chronic stomach condition, chronic bronchitis and physical pain caused his drug use to escalate. In July of 1993, Cobain overdosed on heroin. There was no intervention done at this juncture, he didn’t even go to the hospital when the overdose happened. Another overdose occurred in 1994, this time a combination of alcohol and the drug rohypnol. Eventually loved ones decided that an intervention was necessary.

Cobain’s Death & Legacy

Cobain left rehab against the advice of friends and addiction professionals. He “escaped” rehab and was off the grid for a short while. It was only a few weeks later that Cobain’s body was found. The cause of death, gunshot wound with a suicide note next to his body. His true legacy isn’t the music industry that he spearheaded, it wasn’t his fame or fans, and it wasn’t his marriage to Courtney Love. His daughter, Francis Bean is Kurt Cobain’s true legacy and the priceless gift that he gave to this world.

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