Pregnant Women, Wine & Hate Mail

So I have been working on a 2 part post in regards to pregnant women and alcohol consumption. Apparently my comments were so radical on a forum thread discussing this topic that hate mail ensued. The opinions of human beings never cease to amaze me. I thought it was bad enough that I was commenting on a thread regarding Kate Hudson gossip, but the response was wild! While this post is not complete, I thought I would give you a sneak peak.

Headline: “Kate Hudson Seen Drinking A Glass of Wine While 6 Months Pregnant”

Forum: A Mecca For Mom’s (that’s my title for it)

My Comment: consuming alcohol while pregnant could potentially have negative health consequences for your child

What Happened Next? A mob of angry women, clutching on to their bottles of Riesling apparently disagreed with my statement and this is what occurred….

When the hate emails began coming in, I sat with an unsure emotional response for about 20 seconds. Then, I acted in the most adult manner that I could muster.  I laughed. Not just a chuckle but one of those “laugh till you cry episodes” straining to be able to breath. I mean I have a mob of suburban housewives after my ass. That is just fun! I admit, I adore chaos, it’s my drug of choice but I honestly had no idea that making a comment about possible health ramifications to an unborn child due to the alcohol consumption of the Mother would turn out quite so interesting.

It just blew my mind that a human being would make a conscious decision to consume something that has the possibility of causing immense physical harm to their unborn child. How that turned into me taking away a woman’s right to choose is beyond me. You CHOSE to have the child, your “choice” option is complete. You have a responsibility to your child to create a healthy environment inside of you and outside when they are born. I really had no idea that this concept was “radical”.

I honestly feel that a message is being heard loud and clear when one receives hate mail. Some may find it odd that I did a happy dance due to hate mail ~ but it’s true, I did. So this piece is taking a bit more time. I am gathering those hate filled sentiments that stretch logic and common sense in a way that I’ve never seen before. Here is a sneak peek!

From: One Angry Pregnant Woman

” You have no right to tell me what to do with MY body. This is MY choice & MY right. You must be pro-life and against a woman’s right to choose!”

My Response:

“Actually I am pro-choice. I fully support a woman’s right to choose. I am anti-stupidity. There is a difference.”

From Angry Woman #2:

“Many women in Europe have been drinking while pregnant for YEARS. It’s healthy and helps the baby.”

My Response:

Well once the baby is born, you can just slip that wine into the bottle so he or she can feel as comfortable as they did in the womb.

From Angry Woman #3:

“It’s only wine, it’s not like we are drinking “real” alcohol, like hard booze or beer.”

My Response: If wine is no longer considered “real” alcohol, I am in dire need of a run to the grocery store. Was I the only kid in health class that saw the chart where 1 glass of wine = 1 bottle of beer = 1 shot?

From Angry Woman #4:

“My Doctor encouraged me to drink when I was pregnant, a few glasses of wine a week & my baby turned out perfect”

My Response:

give me an update when your child enters adolescence and there are some behavioral issues. Better yet, let me know how it works out if, God forbid, your child demonstrates additive behavior by the age of 12 or 13. Not all negative consequences of your selfish, self-indulgent behavior manifest in a physical way. Last time I checked, it was still illegal to serve alcohol to a minor. If you wouldn’t put your White Zinfandel in the bottle and hand it to your toddler what makes you think it’s healthy to mainline it to your fetus?

Angry Woman #5

“The Doctor told me to drink a few glasses of wine to help me relax so my labor wouldn’t start too early.”

My response: Apparently meditation, deep breathing or the myriad of other techniques that one could use to attempt to relax are off the table as suggestions?

I admit that I left the uncensored version of my responses in a word document.

More To Come ~because these emails do indeed keep coming in ~ it’s glorious!

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