My Reason For A Blog For Women In Recovery

“Our very lives, as ex-problem drinkers, depend upon our constant thought of others and how we may help meet their needs.”

It is this simple sentence that made me realize that reaching out online was within my comfort level of reaching out to the recovery community.  I know that I have to grow comfortable with the idea of being uncomfortable, and for me being sober is uncomfortable.  However, I find a sense of peace when I put in writing the thoughts that run through my head.  I find peace in knowing that as I sit here with the Big Book open, reading the words that I am typing into wordpress and sending those words out into cyberspace might reach another individual that is in the same place as me.

My very life depends on how to meet the needs of others.  My very life depends on not picking up.  My very life depends in maintaining sobriety.

In many ways all I did when I used was take and take and steal and not care about anything other then how I was going to score.  It was all about the satisfaction of maintaining my level of being so far gone that I didn’t care what was happening around me.

This blog is, in a small way, part of giving back.  Being sober and in recovery when you are a woman is different then when you are a man.  This is the theme that I am going to explore as I go forward with this endeavor.

I welcome comments and am available for any questions or anything else that you would like to share… feel free to email me.

Blessed Be!

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