Light & Dark: Finding The Balance

The events that occurred yesterday do not need to be hashed out in graphic detail in order to feel sorrow, anger, pain & grief. The slaughter of innocence isn’t something that the majority of sane individuals can comprehend. It’s messy, it’s violent, it’s dark… and maybe worst of all… it reminds us that pure evil does exist in our reality. Don’t worry… I’m not about to step onto the pulpit and add to the sheer unimaginable mass of pure ignorance. As human beings, when we cannot understand … our fear fuels opinions that are based on everything except fact & truth.

The debate of gun control vs. mental health awareness is enough to make all of our heads spin. Debate, especially heated debate, is its own beast. We spend hours of time posting pictures, adding our commentary from the safety and comfort of our own home, with the illusion that one voice, one single voice – regardless of what the opinion is – will actually make a difference. All of these words typed on a screen do nothing except take up space. Words without action are bullshit. Pure and simple. Atrocities beyond the comprehension of the majority occur each and every day. The only power that we have is in how we react, combined with action. Either one on their own – without serious thought behind them – are meaningless.

What can we learn? How can we make a difference? Can we really prevent tragic events like this from occurring simply by changing public policy & ranting on Facebook? No… we cannot. I’ll just answer that one for you and save you the time of getting lost in your own thoughts of self martyr, save the world, save the planet bullshit. I do not have the power to save anyone, or prevent anyone from committing a heinous act. However. What I can do… is be aware. What we can do… is pay attention. Know your community. Reach out if you are in need and be there if someone reaches out to you. Small acts, done by each of us, can build and support a foundation that is pro-active & fuel preventative measures to see the possibilities of tragic events long before they occur.

A human being, rarely, wakes up one morning and decides to slaughter children. The fact that the majority of these atrocities are premeditated is terrifying, but not thinking about it doesn’t stop the cycle. What happens in the brain of an individual that pushes them from the ‘thought’ to the ‘action’? We may never know. Perhaps a ‘healthy’ brain can’t even imagine how someone can go from heinous thought to horrific action. In truth, we don’t have to. Simply start paying attention. Good and Evil do exist. God and the devil do exist. They are all within us. Free Will is much more than the ability to accept Christ as your Savior… Free Will is ultimately our choice to decide if we will be ruled by God or the devil. Good and Evil starts… and ends… with each individual.

Be aware, be involved, be connected, be vigilant. Think outside of you, your needs and the world that you created. Atrocities will continue to happen… often when we least expect it. How we react, what we tell our children and how we support our community… this is where the change will come. Being upset after an event – showing outrage ONLY after a tragedy does nothing but make the event appear singular. The truth is that these atrocities are all around us. They always have been… and they always will be. There is no true balance between the light and the dark, but through prayer… we can find solace in the grey.

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