Just Like A Circus

I received the second and third season of Celebrity Rehab in the mail today, a gift from my mom, I am so excited. I now have every season, plus have the new season on dvr. I totally love this show, not because it’s a circus of reality television with some celebrities that I have never heard of. I love this show because it brought the raw reality of detox and addiction into the homes of millions across the United States. How else would people get this information? Would people really watch a rehab show if it was just about Joe Bob and Susie Q, I suppose Intervention counts as a success, but Intervention doesn’t show the reality of detox and the beginning of recovery. Celebrity Rehab has a great message to share, and I hope it does affect people in a positive manner and change their lives.

I decided to start with Season 1 again, because it’s been awhile since I watched it. I love watching Brigitte Nielson. I find her honest and open and ready to surrender. She admits that she solved everything in her life with a bottle. I can relate to this. I spent years finding the bottom of the bottle every single day, from the time that I woke up until I passed out. What an existence! I certainly wasn’t living. I couldn’t enjoy the things in life that I love today, almost 2 years clean. Watching Celebrity Rehab reminds me of where I was, and where I could have ended up. The rawness of detox is horrifically real. Seeing individuals in that state, regardless if they have “celebrity” status comes through loud and clear on the television.

Visuals are a powerful resource and when used correctly can make a long lasting impression. My sister, mother and I use Celebrity Rehab as a great conversation starter, I can examine different elements of my using and discuss them with my sister and mom, while they are seeing a visual of what I went through. They knew I was a drunk and a junkie, but they didn’t know the pain that I was in or that I had a disease that could be put in check, if I had the right tools. It is my hope that there are addicts and enablers and loved ones of addicts out there that get a chance to see this show. It may appear to be a drama filled circus, but it does portray the chaotic hell that is addiction.

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