It’s All About Perspective ~ Part One

The line between online & real life isn’t as clearly defined as it once was. There really isn’t a black & white when it comes to how our society communicates and how our culture has evolved. In a way, this evolution has a great deal of the ‘human’ out of ‘human interaction’. So many of us spend hours upon hours either in or working on a box.

I think it was Tony Robbins who said that we live in a box, drive to work in a box & work in a cubical (which is a box). He stressed the point that our existence needed to be something outside of the confines of the boxes of polite society.Isn’t it ironic…. don’t ya think… that maybe 25 years after he said that… the majority of us spend hours upon hours staring at a box.

Our computer, our laptop, our iPad, our smartphone… no matter how you look at it… we are ruled by the all mighty box. Therefore it’s not out of the realm of reasonable that our social interactions take place… wait for it… in a box.

Even as I’m sitting here jotting down these thoughts… I’m typing them on a back lit screen, even though I have a plethora of blank notebooks and empty journals only a few feet from me. I’m sitting at a writing desk… typing. I’m not sure if that’s the brilliance of modern technology or the lazy byproduct of modern technology. It’s a coin toss. Do you call heads or tails?

Coming up next… the importance of face to face interaction… for clarity… for peace of mind… for true sanity… stay tuned…

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