Ice Cream For Dessert – Should I Be Worried About Food Addiction?

Addiction to food, should I be concerned?

Tomorrow night is the premier of “Addicted To Food” on the OWN (Oprah Winfrey’s) network. I admit that I am a fan of television shows that spotlight addiction. This is simply because it is my hope that they can educate and inform a few individuals about the dangers of addiction along with the warning signs of having a problem. I watch them all; Celebrity Rehab, Intervention, Addicted (when it was on) and I will now DVR this new show. The combination of a new show and headlines buzzing all over the Internet about food addiction raised some questions about my own eating habits.

As an addict in recovery, I commonly worry about cross-addiction. I try to make sure that things are as balanced as possible in my life so that I don’t replace my addiction to alcohol with work, exercise, food or technology. Food has always been an issue for me, in that I didn’t value food. I spent ten years being more concerned with funding my fondness for hard liquor than worrying about having anything healthy to eat. Food just wasn’t a priority, alcohol and drugs were. Being in recovery, I have found that food is a pretty cool thing. I actually enjoy what I’m eating and I never have the thought that I should skip over the groceries and save up for a bottle. Then the weight started going up and pounds started adding up. The overall concern of whether or not my eating habits were healthy still wasn’t a priority. How am I managing to deal with this reality check?

How To Deal With Food Addiction

Awareness is the key to survival for an addict in recovery. By being aware that I have food “issues” I am able to recognize that it will take more than self-will to change my eating patterns. I had to push aside any thought that I knew what could be done to become a more healthy individual. I already know that if I play God in my life, things go down the rabbit hole with quickness. My solution, to work with a holistic health coach. I found someone who would keep me in line, hold me accountable and give me a method to become healthy and have a normal relationship with food. This is not an overnight process.

As it has taken years of being in recovery to know that I don’t have all the answers and that my survival is truly “one day at a time”, I am taking the same approach with food. I do not want to replace one addiction with another, nor do I wish to use food as a source of emotional comfort. So to answer the question, “I had ice-cream for dessert, should I be worried about food addiction”? Worried no, concerned and aware, yes. As I would turn to a sponsor to let them know what I am experiencing and feeling, I plan on being brutally honest with my holistic health coach in the same way. Turning bad habits into healthy habits takes willingness, surrender and time. I am hopeful that I will be able to deal with my food issues in time.

Think You May Have A Problem?

If you find that you or someone you know is having issues with food, please contact a professional for information, guidance and help. There are 12-Step programs, online resources, Coaches, Doctors and Therapists that have the professional tools and knowledge to be of assistance.

What is your opinion of food addiction? Should people be as concerned as they would be for illegal drug or alcohol addiction? Is the threat of food addiction real? Please share your thoughts.

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