Here I Go Again

Well boys & girls… it’s been awhile since I’ve done this whole ‘blog’ thing. In truth, it’s been awhile since I’ve written. To clarify, for work I write on a daily basis but I quickly lost my ability or desire to write for me. It just seemed like work & after spending many hours on the computer for work… I just really didn’t feel like diving back in for the cathartic effect that writing has for me. But… now it’s time. A year has passed since I’ve posted anything to Woman In Recovery. I kept the domain name in hopes that I would venture back…. and thankfully.. I have.

I have made a commitment to write for 20 minutes a day. While  I sat there this evening, staring at a blank journal, I realized that jotting down my musings on my blog constitutes writing. My hope is that writing is like riding a bike… that I’ll stumble around for a little while but with enough time, practice and dedication.. I’ll be able to take the training wheels off. That’s my hope.

So I am going to start my musings… on life.. recovery & pretty much anything that holds a lil’ bit of interest for me at any given time. At times these laments will be funny as hell.. other times they will be dark, but one thing is for sure. Every post will be 100% me. I have no agenda, I’m no longer working with or for any addiction recovery company… I have gone back to the start. I am at Step 1.

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