Don’t Let Them Win!

Tenacity and perseverance are two character traits that every single person in recovery has. We have to. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t survive a disease that wants to kill us. We aren’t necessarily surrounded by people who are telling us we can’t – we fight the voice inside of our head that tells us we can’t.

The disease is very real and it will yell and scream and demand that we give in yet we fight and stand in our truth and say no. Sometimes the voice stops yelling and chooses to whisper. Honestly, those whispers of begging and pleading are harder to conquer. Remember addiction can be conquered. We can experience recovery and live life. It’s a journey and some days are easier than others but if there’s one thing I know after 10 years of being sober, it’s this. I will never stop fighting. For me. For my life. I am meant to be here. And so are you!

Every single person who is in recovery survives a disease that tries to convince us that we aren’t sick. If you are struggling today – remember that you are not alone. You can survive this. You are worthy of being alive. You are a warrior. Never stop fighting!

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