Addiction: Can’t Outrun This Bad Boy

The term intellectualizing (or over-intellectualizing) the disease of addiction is worthy of a few moments of thought. Ever think  you were smarter than your addiction? Have you pondered long and hard, coming to the conclusion that you understood everything there is to know about “addiction”?

I admit I’ve been caught up in this thought process. I thought that if I read all of the books, especially those with big medical terminology, that I could “beat” my addiction. Want to know where that train of thought got me? Flat on my face in a pile of relapse.

Run Run As Fast As You Can

Studying addiction can serve a positive purpose, but only if studious activities are combined with a hard-core dose of reality. You can’t outrun your disease; you can’t out think your disease. All the knowledge in the world won’t make addiction go away. You can analyze addiction to death but it won’t get you anywhere. Once you figure out what triggers your desire to use, once you figure out what biological factors may have started this whole issue you have & once you process and put to rest all of your demons ~ guess what you are left with? Freedom from addiction? Not hardly. You are left with a sense of ego and hubris that leaves you in a dangerous position.

You Can’t Outrun The Addiction Man

Knowledge and educating oneself about their affliction is important. This information can act as a cornerstone of understanding the cold hard facts of addiction, but in the end you are still an addict. The choice you have is this ~ are you going to be an active addict or are you going to embrace recovery? Either way you work your ass off, but the destination of recovery is a tad more pleasant.

To all my fellow over-achievers who think that knowledge is the power necessary to beat your addiction, take it from me ~ it doesn’t work. Use the knowledge you have gained to be of real use ~ reach out to the struggling addict. Make a difference in the life of someone other than yourself ~ you’ll be happy that you did. Finally, a way to put all that hard work studying towards something positive.

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