Welcome to Woman In Recovery! 

​My Mission:
​To empower women in recovery to live their Best Sober Life.

​A Lil About Me:
Hi! I’m Alexis Chapman and ​I am an Addiction Recovery Advocate, Certified Professional Recovery Coach & a Mindset Consultant. More on that coming soon!

​What Is A Recovery Coach? What Is My Methodology?

​I make my clients the experts – I am not a guru – I am not a Sponsor – I will empower you to create the breakthroughs that are unique to you. I help those who aren’t currently in a crisis situation. I strive to give people a better life through the recovery process.  ​You can read more about the methodology that I was trained in here on the IAPRC (International Association of Professional Recovery Coaches) website.

​I also use faith-based tools to help women want to embrace a healthy relationship with God while embarking on a joyful journey of recovery. I’m not here to justify Jesus, defend Him or convert you. I’m not in the business of saving lives or saving souls. I’m in the business of empowering women in recovery so that they aren’t spending a lifetime chasing the serenity dragon – trust me – the quest for serenity does not have to be that hard. However, Jesus is a major part of my life and my recovery. I would be remiss if I left Him out or just glossed over the impact He’s had in my life: unconditional love, structure, rules, forgiveness, purpose… these are just a few of the things Jesus has brought into my recovery.

“She sets about her work vigorously; her arms are strong for her tasks.” Proverbs 31:17

Qualifications aka Random Bragging Rights For A Person Who Doesn’t Like To Brag:
I am certified through IAPRC (International Association of Professional Recovery Coaches) as a Professional Recovery Coach and as a Professional Coach. I am currently completing my certification to be a She Recovers coach. I am a published author and I have been a ghostwriter for addiction recovery curriculum, a New York Times Best Seller, a Wall Street Journal bestseller, a USA Today bestseller, several Amazon bestsellers along with blogs that have been published on Forbes, Huffington Post and Psychology Today. I am a published author who contributed to an Amazon bestseller.

​While the above qualifications are nice to have, the reason I know I can empower women in long-term recovery to live their Best Sober Life is because I am in recovery. I made every mistake possible along the way and I’m 100% living my Best Sober Life.  Recovery is quirky and crazy at times, and it’s the best life experience I could ever have imagined.

​When I first got sober, I had challenges such as:

  • ​How do I not drink?
  • ​How do I build new relationships and repair old relationships?
  • ​How do I cope with past trauma and current challenges without relying on alcohol?
  • ​How do I navigate negative and positive emotions that I’ve never experienced while sober?

​​Those challenges can still come up every now and then, but as the years passed, life threw things at me that I had no idea how to navigate or cope. These are the challenges I will address. They include:

  • ​Love and relationships – to either the partner that was with you when you were drinking or a new partner that only knows the sober you
  • ​Being able to consistently work with the highest level of integrity and accountability
  • ​Handling finances
  • Dealing with new experiences that trigger old behaviors
  • ​Maintaining and growing your recovery resilience
  • ​Ensuring that you self-care structures and routines are still effective
  • ​Fostering relationships with your friends and family
  • ​Having fun!
  • Specific topics that you want me to address.

At the end of the day, if the only thing that changed since you stopped drinking is the fact that you stopped drinking – then it’s time to experience the resources, tools, and process that you will find offered here. Are you ready to take your recovery journey to the next level? If the answer is yes, send me a note & let’s get you on the path toward living your Best Sober Life!

You can find me on  Instagram: @WomanInRecovery or hop over to FB www.facebook.com/alexisjchapman